ADAPTATION NOW: Stories of us, a changing climate, and the way forward

It is impossible to become a carbon neutral society if only 16% of the population truly understands climate change. Help me get people talking and focus the discussion on solutions. An award winning team will capture on camera how climate change already affects our communities and how every day heroes are fighting back. This is a story of now. This is a story of us. It is the defining story of our generation. 

A fresh take on climate change. A documentary about our struggle to adapt, and a way forward. We are fundraising to start production of our documentary and, at a minimum, complete one short story. To learn more about the initiative visit our IndieGogo campaign.


Adaptation NOw


Our film will demonstrate how climate change already affects us today and how different people, members of our communities, are working to address this challenge. Our objective is to raise awareness, improve understanding and, ultimately, empower audiences to act in a meaningful way.



About Adaptation Now
Adaptation Now is a documentary film that will tell the stories of the communities dealing with the leading edge of climate change. We will give a voice to farmers facing harsher droughts; to mountaineers who grapple with shorter winters; to coastal cities inundated by rising seas; and to the everyday climate heroes working to give us hope.

We are already feeling the impacts of climate change. Across the board, the largely stable, predictable climate in which we have thrived is changing. While political deliberations linger, the altered environment begins to make its mark, disrupting the lives of ordinary people.

For too many, however, climate change remains an abstract and distant concept. Many of its first victims are still ill-informed about its existence, or believe it to be a conspiracy in conflict with deeply held personal and communal beliefs. Reconciling their understanding of the world with the volatile, unfamiliar weather can be a tumultuous process.

Adaptation Now will share the stories of this process, the deep personal and collective introspection of communities on the edge. Some of these stories will end in action and some will not. After all, we are the story we tell about ourselves. It is time for a new narrative on climate change.

Meet the Team
We draw our passion and dedication from a diverse set of professional strengths. We have a combination of skills that make our potential for impact unique, including backgrounds in journalism, photography, economics, management consulting and, of course, film-making.


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