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Adaptation NOw

ADAPTATION NOW: Stories of us, a changing climate, and the way forward

It is impossible to become a carbon neutral society if only 16% of the population truly understands climate change. Help me get people talking and focus the discussion on solutions. An award winning team will capture on camera how climate change already affects our communities and how every day heroes are fighting back. This is a story of now. This is a story of us. It is the defining story of our generation. 

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OPI Magazine: Schneider Schreibgeräte – The Writing on the Wall

Schneider-CEO Christian Schneider: “Many consumers ask for and prefer sustainable products. Specialist dealers can use the Slider series to expand their product line and reach new target groups.” Since September of this year, Schneider Schreibgeräte has been offering its Slider series of writing instruments as a climate-neutral option, becoming the sector’s first brand to do so. OPI spoke to Schneider to find out more about its latest sustainability efforts …*

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